Monday, June 05, 2006


The Senate is discussing a marriage amendment bill. This is something the President is now touting as well. Excuse my cynicism but I do not buy any of this. First of all, this bill has no chance of coming out of the Senate. The Senate knows that and more importantly the President knows that as well. So why would the President look to begin the discussion of marriage at this time, knowing it is destined to fail? Politics is the answer. It is purely a political move on the Presidents part. He knows there will not be a marriage amendment, but he also knows that this discussion plays to his political base. He knows that the conservatives will agree with him and even stand with him here.

I would be someone who would be considered his political base, and I am not buying it. I do not believe the President cares about a marriage amendment. If he did there would have been a constant drumbeat for one, like we have heard from him on other issues that he really cares about, like making the tax cuts permanent. As a supporter of the President I am disappointed with his transparent effort to pander to a base that for the most part left him a long time ago. I would much rather that he would have fought the battle all along for a marriage amendment, and then even if he lost I would believe he was sincere in his beliefs. I personally believe the President probably believes marriage is for one man and one woman. I just cannot but this weeks latest act in the political drama that is his trying to win back his base!

blog you later,
pastor tom