Friday, June 16, 2006


Last night on Larry King there was a panel discussion concerning homosexuality and the church. All the usual suspects were there, the catholic priest, the lesbian woman pastor, the homosexual bishop of the Episcopalian church, a homosexual Time reporter and holding up the other side was Dr. Albert Mohler. There was another Episcopal priest who was said to have been conservative, but he quickly showed a lack of Biblical clarity on these issues. In essence it was Dr. Mohler against the rest of the panel. A couple of things stand out from watching this show last night;

1. Experience trumps Scripture. Those who promoted the acceptance of homosexuality in the church were all claiming that they knew it was fine with God experientially. Anytime you raise something to equal value with Scripture you have made it divine in your way of thinking, always a dangerous road to go down.

2. Homosexuality is more and more seen as progressive and honorable. As I listened last night I was struck at how "elite" it seemed to be in a position of embracing homosexuality.

3. There is a void to be filled by people who have scriptural clarity. Dr. Mohler did a fantastic job, as usual, but there are less and less of these guys around. As they die off in the next twenty to thirty years who will take their place? The homosexual movement, like Al Qaida, will continue to fill the open slots that are created by loss. Will there be people to take Dr. Mohler's, Dr. Piper's, Dr. Macarthur's spots when they are called home?

Like it or not this is the battle of our day and will be for generations. We are His ambassadors called to fight in this war that has as its bounty the hearts, minds, and souls of our young people!

blog you later,
pastor tom