Friday, June 30, 2006


If you were to take the Prime Minister of Japan to just one place in America that he really wanted to go, where would you take him? Well President Bush knew that the place the PM wanted to go more than any other was Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley. So Air Force One took off with Elvis movies on the screens and fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches being served. Press Secretary Tony Snow showed up with his Elvis glasses, and all was well with the world. The PM of Japan is such a fan of Elvis that he actually has a CD where he imitates the "King of Rock and Roll".

It really is an amazing reach that Elvis had and still has. I must confess to liking Elvis, a confession not many will make, as being an Elvis fan is like being a professional wrestling fan, there are millions but not many will admit to it. But there is a tragedy in all of this. The tragedy is that a man died a drug addict at 42 unwilling to fight the battle to live. In spite of that he is still revered and adored by millions, even the Prime Minister of Japan. The greatest tragedy of all is that Elvis was raised in the faith. He was raised in churches that preached the Word of God. He knew what it mean to be born again, and he turned from all of that and delved into all types of other worship. The bigger question to be asked on this day of the PM of Japans visit to Graceland is, how is it that a man who was brought up in the faith could fall so very far away and ultimately die, a drug addict laying in his own vomit? The answer to that question is one we all need to pay attention to!

blog you later,
pastor tom