Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well it happened again, another parent forgot their child was in the car, the result being a dead child! In Grand Forks North Dakota a mom showed up at her 5 month olds daycare to pick her child up. She was told that her child was never dropped off and then the mother amazingly realized she had forgot to drop her child off, which meant the child spent all day in her car seat and died from the heat. The temperature that day was 79 degrees which means that inside the car reached 100. I cannot imagine the grief this mother is dealing with and would ask all to pray for her.

But there is another message here for us, as this is not the first time this type of thing had happened and it seems to be more of a frequent occurrence. I believe this is the result of a society going too fast. We are moving too fast, going from one place to another trying to keep pace with the lifestyle we have committed ourselves to. How is it that parents are forgetting children in the cars they have placed them in? I don't believe it is malice or evil intent. It is a society going at warp speed and people with too much on their minds, too much to do and the kids suffer as a result. It is not only young children dying in cars, but this is also seen in the number of latch-key children who have to raise themselves because mom and dad are trying to maintain a certain lifestyle. These tragedies should be a call for all parents to slow down and take care of the first responsibility they have been given by God, their children!

blog you later,
pastor tom