Friday, June 02, 2006


So it has been a couple of days since the last blog. It seems that life is interfering more and more with the blog time. Hopefully there will not be another bump in the road for a while. Here is some interesting news, in Amsterdam they are opening up a Game Addict Center. Smith and Jones Consultancy Center is adding gaming to their list of addictions that they deal with.

"There were 15-year-olds being brought to us who were showing the same behavior as 50-year-old gambling addicts," Keith Bakker, director of the consultancy, told the BBC. Bakker said the majority of game addicts fit the same profile--socially isolated adolescent males who "want to escape reality."

This is the sad reality, that people young and old are wasting their lives in a fantasy world. What would drive someone to that is anyone's guess. It is what will get them out that interests me. And the way out of the gaming addiction as with any addiction is through the Lord Jesus Christ. What these gaming addicts do not yet realize is that the greatest, most fulfilling life that can be lived is through Christ. It is walking with the Savior that gives satisfaction and brings excitement and true joy! So this treatment center is a reminder to all of us of how empty life without Christ truly is, and by way of contrast, how awesome and full life with Jesus
can be!

blog you later,
pastor tom