Friday, June 09, 2006


I write this today as one who is conscious of being a sinner, in fact the chief of sinners. I start with this because I need to take to task a well known leader in the evangelical world. A man whose books have sold well. A man whose "Every Man" series has been applauded by many men as a tremendous help in the area of lust and sexuality. The man is Stephen Arteburn who is known for his work with men in the area of lust. What I did not know until today is that Mr. Arteburn is on his third marriage! That is correct, and his third wife is young enough to be his daughter. He has been married to her for nine months, after divorcing his wife of twenty years in what he describes as a "very difficult marriage". I found out this information in reading Dr. Albert Mohler's daily blog where he references a quote form a GQ magazine article from April, where Mr. Arteburn is interviewed. Here is the quote from the GQ author Walter Kirn about his encounter with Arteburn:

"As my meeting with Arterburn is winding down, I notice a photo on a desk of a fresh-faced blond knockout I take to be his daughter. He corrects this impression: She's his third wife, Misty. She's in her early thirties, he informs me; he met her a few years back at one of his seminars, they corresponded through e-mail for a while, and he's been married to her for nine months. She's also pregnant with their first child.
"Way to go, dude!" I want to tell him, profoundly impressed by this preacher of chaste thinking who's also managed to land what seems to be a veritable harem's worth of luscious ladies"

Arteburn in an article after his divorce wrote of having to step off the pedestal and walk through this, and here is a quote from that article;

"Embracing the divorce and walking right into it meant I was truly stepping off any kind of pedestal I'd crafted for myself, and connecting with people in a more authentic and personal way."

And there it is , the emergent magic word, "authentic". As long as it helps him be more "authentic" well then it is acceptable. What a mockery of God and His design of the covenant of marriage. The very sad part about all of this is the fact that this mans books still sell, and he is still accepted in the mainstream of the evangelical world. And the message to the world as seen in the author of the GQ article is that Christianity is a joke. It is a way for predators to steal and have their way with women. May God have mercy on us all!

blog you later,
pastor tom