Thursday, June 15, 2006


Sorry for the miss yesterday, I have a sinus infection and had to go to the docs etc...Enough of the whining, the largest Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention is meeting this week. In the past they have discussed presenting an exit strategy from the public school system, but at this years convention the following is being reported from the wires;

"Instead of putting the exit strategy before delegates to the SBC's annual meeting, the denomination's resolutions committee called on members to "engage the culture of our public school systems" by exerting "godly influence," including standing for election to local school boards."

A sensible statement which encouraged people to be involved. I have said for a while now that one of the greatest mission fields is the public school system. I believe that this a fertile field of ministry which believers young and old should prayerfully consider entering. While I would have a hard time subjecting my child to the public (government) school system, I would be proud to have any of my children teaching, counseling, and administering in that arena. While I like the Southern Baptist statement I would have preferred a both-and approach. Meaning a statement encouraging the removal of children from the government school system and a statement encouraging adults to be involved at all levels. I believe there would have been a tremendous wake up call if millions of children were pulled from the government school system.

Although, given the state of honoring criminal immigrants, those spots would probably have been filled in a week or two!

blog you later,
pastor tom