Thursday, June 22, 2006


Today we have the opportunity to salute someone for living out the courage of their convictions. Thriftway stores is going to be boycotted for at least a month if the liberal activists have their way. They are upset that the two stores will not carry the morning after pill, so they are trying to hurt the stores in their wallet. Boycott or not "that won't change the policy," co-owner Kevin Stormans said. He is committed to not selling the morning after pill due to his and others convictions that life begins at conception and the morning after pill is nothing more than an abortion pill. The usual suspects are protesting this stand by the store which is no surprise to anyone who pays attention to these issues. The local chapter of the National Organization for Women is supporting the planned boycott. "I think we will see hundreds of people and have quite an impact," said Linda Malanchuk-Finnan, the chapter's president.

The great thing about is that the owners of the stores do not care about the boycott. They are not concerned about losing money or customers, a refreshing ideal in our day and age. They are living their lives and conducting their businesses based on the principles they live by and not by the love of money or what is politically correct. So we salute Thriftway stores and their owners. If you live in the Olympia Washington area stop by and support their stores. It would be a great message if their business actually increased over this issue. I only wish I lived close enough to give them my business!

blog you later,
pastor tom