Thursday, July 20, 2006

19 minutes?

Frightening news from a study in Britain reveals the following;

"Parents who work full-time spend just 19 minutes every day "caring for [their] own children", according to ONS's "Time Use Survey", published yesterday.
A further 16 minutes is spent looking after their children as a "secondary activity", but this means that they are doing something else - such as the weekly supermarket shop - at the same time."

A whopping 19 minutes a day spent by parents each day caring for their children. The sobering reality of a study like this is that there are some not even spending the 19 minutes a day with their children. And what becomes of these children? What effect does this all have in society? The answers to these questions I believe are seen everywhere today in the materialistic, me first, culture that has been cultivated by parents neglecting their children. We see today the family unit has been devalued. No longer do families live near each other. They are spread all over the world as they pursue the almighty dollar.

These are the things our children learn when we spend no more than 19 minutes a day with them. And if we are spending so little time, how much influence do we really have over them? More frightening is the question of who then, will be the ones to influence them, as they are or will be spending a lot more than 19 minutes with somebody. The question becomes are you willing to give your children over to whomever that might be? The better option is to commit today to a lot more than 19 minutes with your children. It is the best investment you will ever make.

blog you later,
pastor tom