Tuesday, July 25, 2006


In the midst of an incredibly troubling situation there has finally come some sanity. Sixteen year old Abraham Cherrix suffers from Hodgkins Cancer. He has had a round of chemotherapy and according to him, it almost killed him. It was a terrible experience, that led him to search out other remedies. What he and his family found was an alternative treatment that is diet and herb based. He has been on that for a while and his cancer has gotten no worse. A social worker who found out what they were doing for treatment reported him and his family to the Virgina DSS. Amazingly the DSS took the family to court, accusing them of being negligent parents for not having Abraham go through more chemotherapy, and they won! That's right, a judge found the family guilty of negligence and gave part of his custody for DSS. They were prepared to force this young man to undergo more chemotherapy against his wishes. Abraham said;

"I'm not going to receive chemotherapy no matter what. This is my body, the body that God gave to me, and in the Bible it says for me to take care of this body. It's my temple. ... If you are not able to do with your body what you want to, then you have no rights whatsoever."

Abraham at sixteen has more sense than most of the adults he has to deal with in this court battle. Well today, some relief came when Accomack County Circuit Court Judge Glen A. Taylor set aside an order by a juvenile court requiring Abraham to report to a hospital today. The judge set a trial date of Aug. 16. But Abraham is only getting temporary relief. While it is great that he is not being forced today to go have chemo, he still has a court battle to fight. Should he and his family lose this case it will be proof that we officially live in the era of big brother. The fact that they have to go to court indicates the same. Where does it stop? It is not hard to imagine the government coming in and dictating that you must teach your children diversity training, embracing the abnormal lifestyle of homosexuality, or you will be found negligent and lose custody of them. It is not hard to imagine parents being brought to court and losing custody due to the Judeo-Christian education they are giving their children. These are troubling times that call for the people to take back control of a country thy have lost.

On that note it has been encouraging to already be receiving such positive response to the "Let the People Vote" political action committee that I am forming. Go to www.letsvote.org and check it out. Some of you have asked if their is a limit on donations. You cannot donate more than $500.00 as an individual. Go to the website and see how you can be involved. It is time for us to act, to draw a line in the sand and say no more, it stops here!

blog you later,
pastor tom