Saturday, July 08, 2006


Another busy week keeps me from blogging for a few days, but here is a rare Saturday post to make up for my "tardiness". It is rare that I go to the movies let alone recommend a movie for people to see, but today I am going to make a strong recommendation. First, let me say that the movie I am recommending has a few parts that are borderline, but there is no nudity and little profanity. Second, I believe that this is a movie that all fathers should go and see, particularly if they still have children living at home. The movie is "Clicked", starring Adam Sandler. It is a movie with a message that every Dad needs to hear, see and experience. So this quick blog on the weekend is to encourage Dads to take their wives and make a date night out of seeing "Clicked". I believe that this is a movie that could have more of a positive effect on Dads than any book, seminar or counseling appointment ever could. Check it out, you will not be sorry that you did, and your children and your wife will thank you for it!

blog you later,
pastor tom