Tuesday, July 18, 2006


In what has become an incredibly un-republican republican congress, the Senate today has passed the Stem Cell bill. What this bill would do is to increase Federal spending for Embryonic Stem cell research, the biggest shell game going. There is maybe no other issue that has had more disinformation put out than Embryonic Stem Cell research If you were to believe everything you read in the media on this you would think that we are on the verge of major medical breakthroughs. You would believe that everything from Parkinsons to Alheizmers is about to be cured, and the only thing holding these miracle cures back is President Bush.

The reality of this shell game is that there is no documented proof anywhere of Embryonic Stem Cells working to cure anything! What there is proof of is that Adult Stem Cells work. Adult Stem Cells that are available in mass quantities in, you guessed it, adults. Adult Stem Cells that are able to be harvested without taking a life, in contrast to Embryonic Stem Cells that require killing the human being that is the Embryo. So the adult kind works, the embryonic kind has no proof of working, yet the push is to expand funding from our government for the kind that does not work and requires taking life to do the research.

Incredibly the Senate is for this, and thankfully our President is going to use his first veto on this bill. It is the height of irresponsible governing for the Senate to pass this bill, let alone come to the microphones and speak as if it there is great promise in this type of research. So as you dialog about this issue with those around you, and I hope you do, the talking points are simple;

1. Embryonic Stem Cell has no proof of ever working, but requires taking life.
2. Adult Stem Cell has already been proven to work and requires no taking of life and is readily available in all of us.
3. To buy into the Embryonic Stem Cell plan is to be a mark in their shell game!

blog you later,
pastor tom