Monday, July 10, 2006


In these the lazy hazy days of summer, there is a very important event happening in the state of Massachusetts. It is the constitutional convention that will meet this week, beginning July 12th. At this convention the legislature is scheduled to take up the issue of the constitutional amendment offered by the Mass Family institute. They gathered 170,000 signatures in order to have the people of the state be able to have the right to vote on a definition of marriage that would define it correctly, as between only one man and one woman. The homosexual activists have come out in droves to opposed this amendment, which is a transparent display of who they truly are.

The amendment is simply to allow the people to vote, which is the foundation of our great country. The homosexual activists have gone to court, and lost, trying to stop the people of the state from voting. Think with me for a moment, who are the ones who want to deny people the right to vote? In today's world it would be North Korea's Kim Jong Yil, or Cuba's Fidel Castro. Those, and others like them are the ones who deny the people the right to vote. Why do the homosexuals not want it to come to a vote? Simply because they know they will lose, because their views of marriage are perverse and blasphemous. My suggestion would be if they are against people being able to vote, they should move to those countries that better align with their views on such "radical democracy"!

blog you later,
pastor tom