Monday, July 31, 2006


I had the privilege of having David Parker as a guest on the radio show today. I kept him on the entire hour which tells you he was a great guest. For those that are unaware of who he is, he is a dad. A dad that did not like the idea of his son in kindergarten learning about homosexuality. A children's book that taught about the virtues of homosexuality was in a bag that was given to all of the students. David and his wife asked the school to please notify them when this would be taught so they could have their child opt out. A simple common sense request that was summarily dismissed. The public school of Lexington Massachusetts did not believe the Parkers had the right to know what was being taught, nor when. To make a long story short, David a few months later was arrested at the school, when he insisted that they agree to his request that they notify him and his wife when they would be teaching about homosexuality to the kindergarten class. I do not need to explain to you how right the Parkers were and how wrong the school system was. But this does remind those of us who live in this state how few rights we have left.

Governor Romney is being hailed for the mandatory health insurance bill he signed, requiring every citizen to have insurance or be penalized. Shouldn't someone be able to decide for themselves and their family if they want to have health insurance or not? Don't they have the right to decide that? Not any longer in this state! It all fits nicely with a legislature that denies people the right to vote, as they did on July 12th. This is why I started "Let the People Vote", political action committee. We will be having three press conferences this week to formally announce Let the People Vote. If you are for the right to vote, come on out to one of them to show your support. The schedule is;

Wed. 9:00 am State House Boston
Wed 11:oo am City Hall Worcester
Thurs 10:00 am City Hall Spfld

Come on out and make all of those politicians in this state take notice that we are no longer going to sit back and allow them to dictate to the people. As for David Parker, he is an example of how the Lord will use someone who will stand up for the truth and what is right. Please visit his website for more information and how you might be able to help him and his family! I hope to see many of you this week.

blog you later,
pastor tom