Wednesday, July 05, 2006


We have recently heard much about Enron in the recent past. It was the company of the future, creating incredible profits and making the common worker rich. Employees of Enron gained enormous nest eggs through the company's profit sharing plan. Enron had a Major League baseball stadium named after it and things could not have been better for the company from the CEO Ken Lay, down to the employees washing the floors. We all know what happened, and Enron went from a worldwide powerhouse to a punchline on the Tonight Show. More seriously many of the top executives were arrested and convicted for white collar crimes, gaining them real jail time.

Ken Lay recently had his trial where he, like the others, was found guilty of six counts of fraud and conspiracy, carrying a possible 45 years of jail. An amazing fall for someone whose net worth was around 400 million at one point. Well today we hear the news that Ken Lay the former CEO of Enron has died of a sudden heart attack. Certainly tragic news for his family and friends and we should pray for them. But this brings to mind the Word of God where the story is told by Jesus of a man who had it all, but all was not enough. The man who had it all and wanted just a little more and then he would be satisfied, but God intervened and called the man a fool , telling him that his life would be required that day.

What good is a life of pursuing money and things when your life is required today? What are you spending your time on? What is the passionate pursuit of our lives? The day requiring our souls is coming to all of us as it did Ken Lay. On that day what will you have to show for the life you lived, a life lived for the glory of God, or a bunch of stuff and a nice tan?

blog you later,
pastor tom