Monday, July 24, 2006


Well the time has come for all of us to get involved. I am happy to let all that read the blog know that I am creating a Political Action Committee,
"Let the People Vote". The goal is simple, make the politicians of Massachusetts accountable for their dismissal of the over 170,000 people who signed a petition seeking an opportunity to vote. July 12, many of the politicians voted to put off the dealing with the petition on the definition of marriage until two days after the election, November 9th. I am sure they were counting on a couple of things. First they believed that no one would pay attention to what they did and secondly they believed they could convince the electorate that they were truly trying to let the people vote.

What they did not count on was the "Let the People Vote" PAC. A political action committee that would bring together all of the citizens in the state of Mass and elsewhere who still believe the people have the fundamental constitutional right to vote, and that the politicians should represent the will of the people. Ultimately what they did not count on was you being involved in the process. So it is very simple, go to the website of the PAC which is There you will find an introductory letter from me, and also you will be able to find out who your reps are and how they voted. It is all listed there by city and town, very user friendly. Remember as you look at the list, the politicians that voted yes to adjourn until November, do not want you to have the right to vote. Those that voted no, against adjourning, are for your right to vote. There is also an address there that you can send donations to. The true power of this PAC will be in the people donating, giving us the power to not only give money to politicians who are for our right to vote, but also giving us the power to create ads for radio and television.

Money talks in this process, and this is how we will make our voice heard. Believe me, if we do the right thing and get involved, we can take our state back. It is time that we the people insist on our fundamental, constitutional rights. So I invite you to be a part of the solution to the problem that is many of the politicians of our state.

blog you later,
pastor tom