Thursday, July 13, 2006


Yesterday in a surprising and yet not surprising move the manipulative, politicians that make up the majority of the Massachusetts legislature moved the amendment to vote on the definition of marriage to November. They recessed without dealing with an amendment that came with a petition of 170,000 people. To be clear what they refused to deal with yesterday was allowing the people to vote. What should have happened at the convention yesterday was they should have dealt with the amendment and put it to a vote of the legislature. If 25% or 50 voted in favor then it would move to the same process next year. If 25% voted again in favor then in 2008 the people of the state would be able to vote. It is a well defined constitutional process that the politicians aborted!

What they also could have done was recess to Monday, which was proposed, but voted down. In all of their slippery wisdom they recessed until after the November elections, as transparent and slimy a move that I have seen in all of my years of watching politics. So what can we do? Here is my plan. Find out all of the politicians that either voted down the recess for Monday or in favor of the November date, and work to see them removed from office. For some reading this that might mean you need to run, for others it could be getting involved in campaigns with time and funds. But if you are living in the state of Massachusetts, and you choose not to get in the fight, then do not complain at the outcome! I will make it my business on my radio show and to whomever I speak with to do everything in my power to see that every spineless politician that disenfranchised the voters yesterday are all looking for job come November, I invite you to join me in the battle. Step one, find out how your representatives voted.

blog you later,
pastor tom