Thursday, July 27, 2006


Yesterday The state Supreme Court decided 5-4 that Washington's law limiting marriage to one man and one woman does not violate the state constitution. Well boys and girls, that makes twenty out of twenty! That's right, twenty out of twenty times that the issue has gone before the voters, they have voted to outlaw homosexual marriage, or uphold a traditional view of marriage. This is what the politicians of Massachusetts and the homosexual activists, who are in bed together (pun intended) understand all too well. If the question of a definition of marriage comes to the ballot, as it could in 2008 if you the voter take action, it will be overwhelmingly voted for as one man and one woman. The reason is that this is how God intended for marriage to be, it is His definition. But the cowardly, disingenuous politicians of Massachusetts do not want the voters to be able to vote, so they postponed until November 9th. But this time they will not get away with it, the Political Action Committee, Let the People Vote is up and running. Its purpose is to support those candidates who support our right to vote and see that those who do not support that right are looking for work come November 8th! Go to and get involved, start with a donation to fund the war-chest of the people to go to war with this fall. The state of Washington is not unique, in fact that is the norm of our country, it is the state of Massachusetts that is out of step with reality, lets bring some reality to some people!

blog you later,
pastor tom