Monday, August 07, 2006


Today I blog from a sunny undisclosed vacation spot. But on my mind is a less sunny situation and that is insurance fraud. A while ago my wife was rear ended on a stretch of road where the speed limit is at least 45. The other driver was clearly in the wrong, but low and behold he worked for a company that does business with the turnpike and thus knows all of the police. So that night the State policeman gave my wife a warning, knowing that there was no recourse for a warning. But the incredible and not surprising news is that now the other company is making a claim against our insurance company and we found out today that the other driver, who was fine, has not been to work since with "back problems". I bring this up as a highlight to the incredible problem of insurance fraud that is perpetrated every day by people like this. These are the people that cause us to have outrageous premiums.

It is the love of money that drives this corrupt system and you and I are the ones that pay for it, if we are even fortunate enough to be able to afford insurance. So we will see what the Lord does in this situation. As of now nothing adds up to our insurance company, which is an indication they too see the motive behind the claim. But let us not be too harsh on these perpetrators of the system, as without the Grace of God given us in Christ, we too would find ourselves attempting many of these same things. Maybe some reading this blog already have, and give God the glory that this is not you any longer!

blog you later,
pastor tom