Thursday, August 24, 2006


Here is the scenario, a Rhode Island State Trooper notices a van switches lanes without signaling, he pulls the van over and notices many people in the van. After asking for the drivers license and registration he also asks for identification from the rest of those in the van and only a few can show identification. He then asks them if they could prove their citizenship. When they cannot he calls officials with the Department of Homeland Security Immigration and fourteen people are found to be illegals and are now on their way to deportation. You would think that this act would be celebrated, but not in this country. What is now happening is that the ACLU is investigating and looking to bring this Troopers actions into question under the guise of the rights of the immigrants. Amazingly one of the ILLEGAL immigrants made this comment;

"We believe that our van was pulled over, at least in part, because of our ethnicity," their complaint says. "As passengers, we also object that we were required to provide identification and asked about our immigration status, even though we had done nothing wrong. We do not think the trooper had any right to force us to go to ICE headquarters. We believe we were treated unfairly."

Are you kidding? They claim they had done nothing wrong, when in fact by definition every moment of every day they were doing something wrong, being in this country illegally. Two things are demonstrated in this situation, the first is how blinded by ideology the ACLU truly is. Second, the amazing boldness with which the ILLEGAL immigrants operate in this country. They feel entitled to our country and its benefits without having to go through the proper steps as ALREADY laid out in the law. Sadly, the present administration has done nothing but foster that view in the illegal immigrant population.

I say to that State Trooper, job well done sir!

blog you later,
pastor tom