Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Every now and then you are reminded that things are not what they seem to be. Take Mike Lowell the third baseman of the Boston Red Sox for example. You would think that he has it made, a professional athlete with not a care in the world. In fact if he had any cares you would believe that he would have the money to deal with those quickly. That would be the worldly way of looking at a professional athlete like Mike Lowell, but lets consider the reality as given in these comments made by him about the possible death of Fidel Castro;

"My dad had to pack up his suitcase at 10 years old with his three brothers, who had nothing. And my mother was 11 years old and my grandfather, who had been a dentist for 15 or 20 years, had to go back to school to be (politically) re-educated, Lowell said.
My cousins were political prisoners. My father-in-law was a political prisoner for 15 years because, at 19, they asked him if he agreed with communism and he said, No, so they sentenced him to death. That's not the way to live. I know it's terrible to say, but I think of all of that and I hope he (Castro) passes away.
I don’t care if he dies, Lowell said. There are so many people who have died because of him and there's been so much wrongdoing and so many human rights violations that I hope he does die. That sounds bad, but it's the truth."

Here is a man who has been through the worst that life has to offer. Not what you would imagine watching him play baseball for the Boston Red Sox day in and day out. A great reminder to us that things are not what always how they appear, and suffering is no respector of persons. It is also a great reminder of how God in His sovereignty has placed us in a country where that type of treatment has been hard to imagine. Although it does seem we are on a slow course towards exactly the type of country that allows that type of treatment!

blog you later,
pastor tom