Thursday, August 10, 2006


Today is another day I have the opportunity to blog from my Dick Cheney undisclosed vacation spot. Well we had the news today of another major terrorist attack foiled by Britain with help from Pakistan. Early reports say the terrorists were going to board planes with some type of liquid explosives in their carry on, one report said at the bottom of a soda bottle. At some point in the flight within minutes of one another several planes were scheduled to blow up over the Atlantic in what would have been even greater carnage than 911. What this reminds us is that we are in a war that is not going to end, because those we are at war with are fighting to overtake our country and our way of life. Do not be fooled, the Islamic religion is a religion of terror. Its teachers are proponents of doing whatever it takes in order to submit those who are not followers. This will not change apart from Jesus Christ invading the heart of all who follow the perverted distorted teachings of Mohammed.

We are also reminded that we need a Commander in Chief who gets it. We need someone who will stand up to the terrorists and fight this war. You cannot negotiate with terrorists. You cannot negotiate with people who will not stop until they have conquered you. They understand one thing, power. So it will be critical as we look to the the upcoming elections to think of this issue first, and have all others subordinate. So it was a good day for the good guys and a bad day for the terrorists, but do not be fooled or lulled to sleep believing that they are not at work even as you read this, trying to take over your way of life!

blog you later,
pastor tom