Tuesday, August 22, 2006


It is good to be back from vacation, so lets get right to it. In San Diego there was a Gay Pride parade recently. Nothing new there, the usual things you see in such a parade, as reported from the wires; "a number of businesses promoting pornography and nearly nude men and women in graphic sexualized demonstrations, a
man who marched down the street giving out goodies while only wearing a g-string,a car filled with men that advertised for RentBoy, a male escort service." That gives you the idea of what was seen and who was involved in the event. But amazingly there was another group there with their own banner, The San Diego Co-operative Charter School! That is correct, and not only were their parents and teachers there marching in the parade, there were also elementary age school children.

The message is clear and the indoctrination continues. The homosexual movement has gotten to the point of having schools funded by public funds marching in their parades. A few things come to mind, first what would the possibility of a public school lending their banners and people to a Christian event? You know the answer as well as I do. But also this reminds us again of the culture war we are in, and it is up to the believers to be in this battle. For those of you in Massachusetts there is a battle for the ballot box, the ability to vote on a definition of marriage. If the vote goes as every other state that had had the oportunity to vote, there will as of 2008-2009 no longer be legalized gay marriage in this state. There are politicians who are working against your right to vote, as I have stated before, I have begun a Political Action Committee designed to take donations up to 500.00 that will be used to work to put some of those politicians out of office and make the statement that we expect the right to vote to be upheld. Well now is the time, you can now make donations online. We have about a two months to garner as much as possible to put to use. So if you want to engage in this cultural war one way is to go to www.letsvote.org and donate. I am convinced we must do all we can and along with prayer, there is the putting the feet to our prayers, and in this arena that means money. If we sit back and are idle, it will not be very long before your child's school will be marching with their banner in the local Gay Pride Parade, and who knows by then your child might want to be in the parade with the rest of his or her friends!

blog you later,
pastor tom