Thursday, September 21, 2006


A few nights ago I saw a commercial that left me astonished and angry. The commercial was for Ford vehicles and it had a dad hugging his kids and saying goodbye to them. As he looks into the car that the children get into, he says to their mother, obviously his ex-wife, "thanks for letting me come along", or something along those lines. As I watched, I was amazed at what was said in those few seconds. The message is clear, divorce is acceptable and in fact not all that bad. There was a line that was crossed in the commercial that is noteworthy. No longer is divorce such a negative situation, in fact it can be nice and pleasant and beneficial for all involved including the children. Based on the scene from the commercial the kids are happy well adjusted and loving life with their divorced parents.

But the reality is much different from the commercial. Divorce is a painful experience for all involved. It is not a lifestyle that is to be looked upon with a Norman Rockwell view. It is sad that Ford sees such a hurting group of people as a marketplace opportunity. But market share is king and it seems that every area of life is fair game if the dollar is involved. The final point to consider in this sad scenario is the message it sends about marriage. How devaluing is it to marriage to simply accept and embrace divorce as a cultural norm? I am afraid we are watching and taking part in the fall of an empire much like happened to Rome. The glory for God in all of this, is the witness believers can be as they uphold and live out the covenant of marriage, in spite of the message given by the Fords of the world!

blog you later,
pastor tom