Friday, September 29, 2006


It is starting up once again, that's right the annual do away with Christmas season. In Port St. Lucie Florida at her school, on the second day of practice, fifth-grader Kayla Vance was told she can't play Mrs. Claus in A Penguin Christmas because the principal has axed any mention of the word "Christmas" in holiday festivals. They do not want the word Christmas mentioned! This is a progression that needs to be noted. In recent years we have been seeing the removal of any mention of Christ, whether it be in a school play or in a manger on a town square. Now they are after the word Christmas. Soon there will be no one left who will actually say, "Merry Christmas". Most people by now are indoctrinated with the "Happy Holidays" greeting. The progression is important as it will not stop with Merry Christmas anymore than it stopped with the word Christ.

So what is next? Will there no longer be any Christmas cards with a manger under a star? Will it become impossible to find mangers for our houses? Will we have to resort to underground marketplaces for such things, and will we run the risk of fines or worse should we have the nerve to actually have these symbols on our lawns? Questions worth considering as we say good bye to the word Christmas!

blog you later,
pastor tom