Friday, September 08, 2006


So what happens if you install secret cameras in school restrooms and record over a period of time over 800 tapes, constituting 360 counts of unlawful surveillance? What happens to you if you are a 47 year old handy man names Michael Conte and you installed cameras in the fourth floor women's restroom at George Westinghouse High School in Brooklyn? Any guesses? Well the sad reality is that you get only get probation and community service, first because a psychologist concluded there wasn't a threat that Conte would physically abuse anyone. That psychologist should be asked if he or she would be comfortable with Mr. Conte watcher their kids if they had any. The other reason he received such a sentence is in the words of Judge Tomei,
"Sending the defendant to jail would not in any way benefit society or this defendant. This probation sentence will fully protect the interests of society," the judge concluded.

There are times when the facts are so glaring that comment is not needed, and this is one of those times!

blog you later,
pastor tom