Monday, September 04, 2006


As we celebrate Labor Day it might be helpful to take a moment and reflect on how we view both labor and rest. It seems as technology advances that people are actually working more and not less. It also seems that not many people take the time to have that day of rest as God would instruct in Commandment number four. God calls us to work for six days and rest on the seventh. Most people are unaware that we really are called to a six day work week and not five. We have taken it for granted that we should have weekends off, but the Lord calls the work week six days not five. There is also the call to remember the Sabbath. Not only to just remember it, but to keep it holy. A day set aside to spend worshipping the Lord, not a day to fit Church into an already crazy schedule. If asked most of us would have to plead guilty to not truly having a Sabbath day, a real day of rest. Sure we have a day off but most of us fill it with simply more of the world.

Is the call to be a monk for that day and remove ourselves from everyone and everything? Not at all, but it is also not a call that is meaningless and should be disregarded as something for people of the Old Testament. There is a balanced middle ground that I believe is honoring to God. It is truly taking one complete day and being intentional on focusing on the Lord. It should center around the corporate gathering of the people of God, Church, but it should not end with Church. We should endeavor to use the rest of that day enjoying God and His good gifts to us. It begins with recognizing Him in those gifts, be it the joy of eating with family, enjoying some form or entertainment or sports, or simply taking a walk or a drive to admire His creation. Work is a blessing from God that should be done to His glory, and so is a day of rest!

blog you later,
pastor tom