Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I have received some emails in the past few days concerning an interview I did with JR Mahon of the XXX Church back in the summer. It is unusual to receive emails months later from the interview, but I assumed it was that people were going to the Engaging Your World website and heard the show there, although it still seemed odd. Well today I received an email from a gentleman from North Carolina about the interview and he made reference to receiving it on his ipod from the XXX Church. This caused me to go to their website and I was amazed at what I saw. On the front page of their site is three pictures of a man, I assume is JR with this written under it:


The show you will hear when you click to take a listen is the interview from my show. I listened again today to see if there was something I missed that would have caused a ministry to represent it in such provocative terms. Sad to say the interview was just as I remembered, a good discussion in which I laid out my reservations about having men in a porn convention, renting a booth and handing out Bibles. Sad to say, I made it clear that I appreciated JR's zeal for souls. Sad to say I pointed out in the interview that he seemed wanting to get into a confrontation which I did not. Sad to say there was nothing in the interview that would lead anyone to believe that JR was beat up on the show. I use the phrase, "sad to say", because it is sad that a ministry would go to such lengths to garner support and pity from its followers.

It is the height of irresponsibility to portray the interview in such terms. It demonstrates a lack of integrity from those involved and frankly is dishonest. But do not take my word for it, go to their site or mine and listen for yourself. You will also find it instructive to check out the comments from his followers concerning this interview. It says a lot about their ministry when they will knowingly lead people astray, and encourage such behavior from those who support them. So, where I once could say I had respect for their zeal and what they were seeking to accomplish, I now must say that I consider them to be suspect at best, in the areas of integrity and honesty. Sad to say!

blog you later,
pastor tom