Tuesday, September 26, 2006


In a day and age when companies like Ford see the need to target the divorcees as a market to be had, it is refreshing to talk with someone like Debbie Maken. On today's radio program I had that opportunity. She has written a book that advocates that all single people should be looking to get married. She goes so far to say that a single person who purposely chooses to not get married is in sin. While that may be a little strong, there is merit to the thesis of the book. It is God's norm that people get married. It is the most sacred of relationships that we have on this side of eternity, as there are no others that display Christ and the Church. To be sure, we have missed the importance and yes, necessity of marriage as given by God.

How would things change if marriage was valued as God values it? It is a question worth considering, as the breakdown of marriage is the breakdown of a society. We all would do well to take note of our view of marriage and dating, particularly what views we are passing down to the next generation. There is a beautiful possibility of a new generation of people who will value the covenant of marriage in ways that will transform their culture for the glory of God. It might be that this transformation will start with our view being corrected to be more in line with our Father's. And maybe, just maybe, ads like the one from Ford will be looked back on with disgust and dismay by future generations.

blog you later,
pastor tom