Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I have never seen the show "The View", but I do know that Rosie O' Donnell is the newest member of the panel. It did not take her long at all to display the ignorant bias that makes up her worldview. Yesterday on the show reportedly she made the following statement;

"Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America where we have separation of church and state."

While there is not enough time and space to expose all the ignorance in such a statement, there are some things worth considering. First of all why should anyone be surprised? It is not like her views are not known, she is an avowed left wing liberal lesbian who despises anything or anyone who would call her actions into account. Second, the sad truth is that there are many people who will believe her position to be true simply because of her celebrity status. Because they liked her talk show they will subscribe to her worldview. I am always amazed at how people believe if you are a talented performer that somehow equates to being politically savvy. The truth is that Rosie had a tragic childhood where she was abused and that is why she like so many others got caught up in the homosexual lifestyle. She should be in our prayers that she would receive Jesus Christ as her Savior and be set free from the sins that grip her.

Along the same lines as far as ideology,news today is that Air America Radio is expected to file reorganization bankruptcy on Friday. The extreme left radio network cannot draw listeners. It seems that the majority of Americans are smart enough to figure out that hosts like Al Franken are not worth their listening time. I would like to say I will miss the shows once they are done once and for all, which eventually they will be, but I, like millions of others simply do not listen.

blog you later,
pastor tom