Thursday, September 28, 2006


In the unbelievable trends department, a school district in Norway is instructing boys to sit when they go to the bathroom, when they would normally stand. The rational from the school is that they are not "good aimers" and it is better for all if they sit like the girls do. While this might seem to be a good line of reasoning in the clean department, since in this school both boys and girls use the same facility, there is something else significant happening. It is another line that is being erased between the difference of males and females. Wouldn't the better solution be to make sure the boys clean up after themselves?

What this is saying is that the answer for the issue is to make them be more like girls in their private time. This is sending a very wrong message to young men who frankly in our day and age are being encouraged to question their sexuality early on. It is rulings like this that lead young people to the conclusion that there really is no difference between the genders. When this happens the door is open to every perversion known to man, and it is the children that pay the price. It will be interesting to watch and see just how long it takes this new phenomenon to reach our shores, and when it does I hope we all will stand for the right of boys to stand!

blog you later,
pastor tom