Friday, September 01, 2006


News comes out today (pun intended) that the retail giant Wal-Mart has joined the National Gay Chamber of Commerce. A report on an advertising industry site, AdAge, said that Wal-Mart had not only joined the NGLCC but also has hired a "gay-marketing" shop and started discussions about extending domestic-partner benefits to employees. Wal-Mart sees this as a natural part of their marketing strategy, no different than trying to reach other groups such as the Hispanic and African-American chambers of commerce. In that connection and justification we see the glaring problem. Homosexuality is not a race nor a minority group, but they have positioned themselves to be treated as such.

Due to the clever marketing strategies of the homosexual movement they have impressed themselves upon society as a minority. They seek and unfortunately receive treatment as if they were a race of people. They are treated as if homosexuality was a state of being instead of a lifestyle choice. And this has happened to our culture because people simply are not willing to think. We have become a brain dead society that believes only headlines and thirty second news stories without ever having the temerity to do some research to actually get the facts, such as there is no science that declares homosexuality as something you are born with. Thus we have giants like Wal-Mart bowing down to the "race" of homosexuals, giving them added credibility and leverage in this cultural war. The losers in this as always are our children who due to their parents and grandparents being asleep at the wheel will face battles and persecutions that we never would have dreamed of, and that my friends, will be to our shame!

blog you later,
pastor tom