Tuesday, September 19, 2006


In the midst of the worldwide condemnation of the Pope and his comments from Muslims, our President took the podium at the United Nations and gave a speech that was as courageous as it was timely. I do not remember a President with the courage of this one, to speak the truth regardless of audience. In front of representatives from the nations of the world, the President called terrorism what it is and put countries on notice that needed to be put on notice. Unlike his predecessors he did not feel the need to be politically correct. Instead he felt the need to be direct and forthcoming. Like him or not, you have to give President Bush credit for being a man of conviction.

Noticeably absent from the hall and the lunch that followed was the President of Iran. In spite of his threats to face down President Bush on both occasions, he was nowhere to be found, as is the case with most bullies. Today was a day that I was proud of our President. Though I disagree with him on a variety of issues, I admired his courage on behalf of our country, particularly when speaking to an audience that included many who would like to see our destruction. Job well done Mr. President!

blog you later,
pastor tom