Tuesday, October 31, 2006


One of the things I harp on time and again is primary sourcing. Not taking anyone's word for something absolutely, but trying your very best to get to the original source of anything. Whether it is a quote in a book or something someone said over the airwaves. So when I heard the Senator John Kerry made a disparaging remark concerning the soldiers in Iraq I wanted to hear it myself. The beauty of the internet is that it took me all of thirty seconds to find the video. I watched as John Kerry encouraged getting a good education or else you would "end up in Iraq". To use a phrase that I find myself using over and over again, amazing.

One of the positives about the non-stop coverage of a political season is that you will find out the character of the candidates. What might be passed off as a casual remark is actually consistent with the descriptions of John Kerry the soldier. During the 20004 election critics of Kerry described him as someone with a low view of the military and our country. Those that served with Kerry, the Swift Boat Vets, called Kerry on his lack of patriotism and his opposition to our forces. They called him on how the enemy in Vietnam used Kerry to demean the US soldiers.

While Kerry denied that, here we are today hearing Sen. Kerry and his low view of the men and women of the armed forces. As he tries to spin out of this predicament, do not be deceived, his record stands for itself. He like President Clinton and Sen. Hillary Clinton have an elitist attitude towards the military. Those who serve according to Sen. Kerry are those who could do nothing else and were unable to achieved a real education. Contrast the real Kerry as we heard today, with the fraud who stood at the 2004 Democratic Convention, saluted and said "reporting for duty". Senator Kerry, with all due respect, you sir, should be ashamed of yourself!

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pastor tom