Monday, October 23, 2006


Today we start with this from the wires;

PHILADELPHIA — "A father pulled a gun on a youth football coach because his son wasn't getting enough playing time, police said.

Wayne Derkotch, 40, was arguing with the coach Sunday morning during a game of 6- and 7-year-olds in northeast Philadelphia when he pulled out the gun, police said."

Certainly this is over the top behavior from a parent, but how far from that are the rest of us? What are we teaching our children about the importance of things like sports, playing time, or their rights? What do our children learn when they come home with bad grades and we go right to the ,"it must be the teacher's fault" line? What do our children learn when we automatically take their side when it becomes a difference in their story and an adult's?

What our children learn is that they are the center of the world. They learn they are to get what they want when they want, and that makes for children who do not respect any authority, including their parents. It also produces adults who cannot deal with the disappointments of life, and end up bouncing from job to job and even marriage to marriage. While it may seem like an extreme example, the father who pulls the gun on the coach, is not that much different from the parent who makes their child the center of the universe.

We would be much better off to train our children to be God centered. To say no from time to time, and teach them respect for authority. Our children would grow up and be much more productive and Godly if we were to allow them an occasional mistreatment, or to experience unfairness every now and then. Those are the teachable moments that are missed when we are busy making sure our child does not suffer any injustice. Instead we could talk to them about Jesus and how He did not come to be served but to serve and give His life a ransom for many. We could speak about what it means to carry our cross daily and die to self. While I am sure none of the readers of this blog need to be reminded to not pull a gun on your child's coach, it might be good to be reminded to be careful not to make our kids the center of the universe. It might be good to be reminded to not elevate our children above God, thus making them idols!

blog you later,
pastor tom