Friday, October 20, 2006


Revisionist History is one of the most dangerous weapons that can be used to move people in their thinking. For example the following is being reported today about a show that is to be shown this month in the Middle East, from the wires;

"Jews have no historical connection to the Western Wall, which is actually the "Al-Buraq Wall," is part of the Al Aqsa Mosque and served as a tying post for Muhammad's horse, according to messages broadcast this month on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' state-run television. "

The existence of the Jewish Temple is obvious and supported by irrefutable historical and archeological evidence, but that does not stop revisionist historians. The drumbeat from the Muslim world has always been to deny the existence of the Temple, while some will even deny the existence of Israel! The danger with such propaganda and revision is that time gives credibility to the lie. As years go by and the same lie is told over and over it begins to become legitimate, ever hear of the "big lie"?

So while you and I can see through the absurdity of the denial of the Temples existence, millions of Muslims cannot, and in fact believe the revisionist history that is fed them. An even more striking example is the President of Iran's contention that the Holocuast never happened. Again we know that is lunacy on display, but millions of school children are being taught that history, and will grow up believing the Holocuast was a hoax. When people are able to rewrite history for their own agenda they have taken the place of God, and it is never a good thing when totally depraved sinners aspire to be God. It did not work for Satan nor will it work for those who follow in his path!

blog youlater,
pastor tom