Monday, October 16, 2006


In Australia last week there was a brutal murder. Neighbors could hear the blood curdling screams as a husband stabbed his wife to death. What could drive a man to do that to his wife? His seventeen year old daughter converting to Christianity! That is correct, this is the motivation for the murder. In Muslim faith if something goes wrong in the family it is taken out on the mother. So when this girl came home to announce she had embraced Christianity, her father murdered her mother for it. It is also a tenet of the Muslim faith that if someone leaves the faith they are to be killed. While some in the public arena would want to deny the reality of that for obvious reasons, it happens all of the time. In the same news cycle there were reports of a fifteen year old Egyptian girl who escaped from those who had kidnapped her. The story is reported that the kidnappers threatened to rape and beat her if she did not convert to the Muslim faith.

The good news in all of this is that Muslims are reportedly coming to faith in Christ in record numbers. The best thing to tell someone in that belief system is that they can be loved by God through Jesus Christ. They are not taught that nor do they believe that God could ever love them for sure. We have the good news that will change their lives forever and stop these wretched acts of depravity. The question becomes, will we share this good news?

blog you later,
pastor tom