Saturday, October 07, 2006


They do not irrigate their fields, they simply plant and wait for God to bring the rain. They do not believe in the modern conveniences of the world. They are a people of forgiveness and incredible faith. I have left the last post up for a few days due to the worthiness of the subject, and as a tribute to the Amish people who in spite of some other errors, display an incredible example of Christ. I write today only because something has been found out that reaches the same level.

Marian Fisher was in that schoolhouse that day. At thirteen she was of the oldest of the group and according to others in that schoolhouse who survived, Marian spoke to her captor these words, 'Shoot me first'! Her desire was to sacrifice her life for the others there, hoping her death would save the others. No greater love shown than a young girl lay down her life for her friends. So powerful were the examples of Marian and then her twelve year old asking to be shot first, the captor is reported to at one point have asked the girls to pray for him.

What did he see that brought him to request prayer in such a horrific situation? Through those young girls he saw Christ at work, laying His life down and bringing those girls home!

blog you later,
pastor tom