Thursday, October 26, 2006


In Vermont like style, the New Jersey Supreme Court decided by a 4-3 margin to make the state legislature decide within one hundred eighty days whether they will approve gay marriage or come up with something like civil unions. Some have said that this was the best you could hope for coming out of a state that wanted to force the Boy Scouts to accept gay leaders. I would differ, there is nothing positive about this. What was missing in this ruling was the one option that actually matters, allowing the people to vote on it for themselves. Once again we have an activist judiciary who believe that they should be creating law and setting the pace of culture instead of simply interpreting law. Understand, by one person, by one vote New Jersey will change forever.

We are moving far away from a country that represents the will of the people and the gay marriage issue is a great example. Not one state in the union that has been allowed to vote on the issue has passed gay marriage. To a state, the people have said no, we do not want gay marriage in our state. And you can be sure that would be fifty out of fifty were the people truly allowed to vote. But this is quickly becoming a very different country with very different rules, and that might demand very different measures. But for now it is important to make your vote count and support those candidates both local and national that still support the fundamentals that this great nation was founded on.

It is in times like these where our greatest comfort is the Sovereignty of God. We know that He ultimately is in control and all things will work out for His glory and the good of His people. The best and most definite answer to all of this would be for people who are trapped in the pain and suffering of the homosexual lifestyle to come to know the love of God through His Son, Jesus Christ. That is a change that even the Supreme Courts of New Jersey and Massachusetts cannot override!

blog you later,
pastor tom