Saturday, October 14, 2006


There might not be a greater need for people than to think. There is a devastating lack of thinking in the world today. Tragically, people have become headline readers and soundbite listeners who have not a clue how to primary source anything. The more problematic issue is that this is true in the Church. The Church has become a place of weak or absent theological depth. Believers in Christ ebb and flow with their favorite authors latest release, not bothering to think critically. This has spawned many weak if not heretical movements all in the name of Jesus. In the years to come I believe we will see the wreckage of such "movements" of God.

All of this is good reason to read important works, including blogs. With this blog I try to inform and challenge people to think, and I am happy to recommend another blog that a friend of mine has started. It is called "Think Worm" and can be accessed at Pat Lacaire is the author, and he is a good critical thinker that will help us all to think. Although I read and appreciate many blogs, I have never recommended any, but this will be the first. I want to encourage the many, and growing audience of this blog to give Pats blog a look, you will be glad you did.

blog you later,
pastor tom