Tuesday, October 24, 2006


With the national elections two weeks away, the ad wars have begun in earnest. The one thing that seems to never be at a premium during this time of the political season is truth. For example, Michael J. Fox is appearing in ads for the Democratic Candidate for Senate in Missouri. He is pitching Stem Cell Research. The point of his ad is that his candidate is for saving millions of Americans lives while the Republican candidate is not. There are so many facts missing from this ad it is laughable. First and foremost there is no research that says Embryonic Stem Cell works, while there is ample evidence that Adult Stem Cell works. But those in favor of killing life in the name of life do not seem to ever let the facts get in the way. And even if there were proof that Embryonic Stem Cell worked, would that make it permissible to take a life in order to have a cure for a disease? What the passing of Embryonic Stem Cell will do is what these things always do, prey on women.

Lower Class women will be paid for their eggs and will submit themselves to very difficult and dangerous surgeries for money. There will be the real risk of women dying in these surgeries as some historically have. This is junk science led by ideologist's who want nothing more than to pad their bank accounts and use people like Michael J. Fox as their foils. This is why we need to be a people of the truth. Not being satisfied with the headlines and the sound bites, but doing our own research to understand the issues of our day. And this one is easy, it takes very little time to find the data that evidences the benefit of Adult Stem Cell, and it also takes very little time to realize that Embryonic Stem Cell research is smoke and mirrors.

On another note, isn't Michael J. Fox a Canadian? And if he is, is the left so desperate that they could not find an American, or is it that they simply wanted to use Fox to showcase his illness?

blog you later,
pastor tom