Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Today is the day that the new edition of Ms. magazine comes out. The cover story is about women who have had abortions. But it is not the story you would expect. It is not about the tragedy that is womens lives post abortion, as they struggle with the emotional trauma that abortion brings. It is not about the horror of the procedure, nor is it about the numerous times women are mis-informed and led to the abortion rooms unaware. No, this article takes a different look at abortion, from the view of those who are proud of and celebrate their abortions! It is the "We had Abortions" campaign, designed by the publishers of Ms. magazine to promote abortion. This is no random act. In fact it is, in my opinion, an intentional marketing effort designed to win hearts and minds, as we head into a new Supreme Court session that will deal with abortion on a number of fronts.

The problem with the article and more specifically the survey of women is that they did not include the many women who weighed in on the other side of abortion. From the wires;

"Women affiliated with the post-abortion organizations Silent No More and Operation Outcry submitted their names and comments to the Ms. petition effort but were either ignored or rejected.
Georgette Forney, cofounder of Silent No More, told LifeNews.com that members of the organization sought to be included in the “We had abortions” campaign, but “the magazine did not even extend the courtesy of a response.”

Another blatant example of propaganda being given to the public, but this propaganda is of the most serious kind. This propaganda is not simply looking to get you to buy a certain product or vote for a certain candidate, this propaganda is designed to get you to agree with and consent to murder!

blog you later,
pastor tom