Monday, November 13, 2006


We begin the week with this from the wires;

Nov. 09 (CNA/ - "A group of 52 biblical specialists have released a new version of the Bible in which inclusive language and political correctness have replaced some divisive teachings of Christianity in order to present a
more just language for groups such as feminists and homosexuals.
According to the AFP news agency, the new version of the Sacred Scriptures was presented at a book fair in Frankfurt. Entitled, The Bible in a More Just Language, the translation has Jesus no longer referring to God as Father,but as our Mother and Father who are in heaven. Likewise, Jesus is no longer referred to as the Son but rather as the child of God. The title Lord is replaced with God or the Eternal One.

Just what we need another, "better" version of the Bible. One that does away with any offensive language. One that does away with any distinctions. To truly accomplish that you would have to simply get rid of the Bible, which is basically what these translations do. The troubling aspect of these "translations" is the thought that at some point there will be churches that will use them as their authority legitimizing them. Time has a way of legitimizing things, check the progression of any cult. So as time goes by there will be generations of people who will read these irresponsible works and believe they have the Word of God, when all they really have is a sad imposter.

Once generations of people are basing their lives on faulty translations of the Bible, they will free to live out their sinful desires with the backing of the God of that translation, which is a faulty unworthy God. This is nothing new, just a continuation of the Idolatry that has plagued man since the Garden of Eden. So beware of these new "translations", they are not new, they are just newly packaged, with the same old tired agenda of the Devil, which is get you to fall into sin!

blog you later,
pastor tom