Thursday, November 30, 2006


Something is about to happen in New York City that will be landmark and in this bloggers opinion extremely detrimental to our way of life. The Board of Health is on the verge of banning trans fats, despite protests from much of the restaurant industry. To be sure trans fats are bad for you, and they also make food taste good, an interesting dilemma. The problem is not the desire for people to be healthy, but rather the government becoming Big Brother. Sure, you could make a case for trans fats being unhealthy, but is that what we want our government to do? Is that the role they should have, making sure we eat right? This is an incredible intrusion into the lives of people. If someone wants to eat transfat, let them have at it.

Where does this stop? Smokers have quickly become the lepers of society. There is talk of defining someone smoking near a child, child abuse! Now I am not a smoker, nor a fan of smoking but are we not the land of the free? Do we not have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Government has become an intrusive, abusive monster that is walking the road to fascism. If people want to eat trans fat that is their choice, and if restaurants want to cook with or without it, that also should be at their discretion. We are quickly losing the most basic of freedoms in our country. If you question that, try to do some remodeling of your home, and see all of the hoops you must jump through to get "approval". Try to cut down some of the trees on the land you "own".

What has happened is that the government has decided they know best for you. From eating to putting up a new room in your house. The government permeates the raising of your children, from the government indoctrination camps called public schools to the normalizing of homosexual marriage through their laws! So if you like your food cooked with trans fat, you better eat quick as the food Gestapo is coming to get you. Before you know it will be a choice of tofu, bean sprouts, or vegetarian burgers. There will be a national underground to smuggle in the chips, burgers and Swiss Cake Rolls. Some of us may even be shot running with boxes of Swiss Cake Rolls in our hands.
Come quickly Lord Jesus!!

blog you later,
pastor tom