Friday, November 24, 2006


A different take on the same old mantra. It is customary to hear this time of year the normal complaining about how Christmas has become so commercial. How it has lost its meaning and it is all about the presents and the marketplace. While that is true, I believe there is a different way to look at it. You see the problem becomes that most if not all of those who complain never do anything different and in fact contribute to the problem they have defined. I believe that Christmas is a great time of year and an opportunity to celebrate. I also do not believe we need to give into the standard line of how it has become too commercial while we hypocritically overspend on presents that will be forgotten before February hits.

Why not be honest and admit there is a joy in the season? Why not embrace the joy of buying and giving and getting presents? Why not embrace the music that is played continuously on some radio stations? Those great hits like "Jingle Bell Rock" and Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. Why not celebrate the joy of a decorated house? It is not a sin to enjoy the season of Christmas including the gifts and music and food. I believe it is time for those who truly love this time of year and all that it entails to come out of the Christmas closet and say so. For me I love it all, and have at times said one thing with my lips and done another with my action. So to be clear, I love Christmas. Yes the main reason is that my Savior Jesus Christ was born, and the Glory of God came down from Heaven to be with us, Emmanuel. And I do not see the conflict in enjoying the season. In fact I believe I enjoy it all more because of my faith in Christ, and I do not feel the need to not shop, or not eat, or not listen to Christmas music. My joy this time of year is to and for His glory! Have a great, fun, wonderful, holy Christmas season!

blog you later,
pastor tom