Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Todd DuBord, pastor of the Lake Almanor Community Church in California recently took a trip to Washington DC with his wife. As they took a tour of the Supreme Court they came upon some depictions of Moses and the Ten Commandments. Here is what their tour guide amazingly told them;

"Between the images of the people depicting the Majesty of the Law and Power of Government, there is a tablet with ten Roman numerals, the first five down the left side and the last five down the right. This tablet represents the first ten amendments of the Bill of Rights,"

You are not seeing things, no matter how many times you read it that is what the tour guide told them. The clear depiction of the Ten Commandments is now being described as the first Ten Amendments of the Bill of Rights, clearly a lie. You can do the research and find that as recently as 1975 what is there was described as the Ten Commandments. In 1987 the site was registered as a National Historical Landmark and the new guide came out in 1988 that left out the description, so now they are known as the first 10 Amendments to the Bill of Rights! A shocking example of revisionist history in our nations capital.

Consider that every tour group of school children will be told that this is what they are looking at when they see this depiction. Consider that thousands of children will grow up believing the lie. Does it really matter you ask? Only if you care about truth and future generations of people and their well being. If you can convince people that a picture of Moses and the Ten Commandments is really the first Ten Amendments of the Bill of Rights, why could you not convince them that Holocaust never existed or for that matter that a certain race of people needs to be eliminated for the good of the rest? You have to wonder if we are not becoming more like Iran and less like the United of States of America!

blog you later,
pastor tom