Wednesday, November 15, 2006


When you think that television and media in general cannot sink any lower, think again. On November 30, Regan Books is publishing a book O.J. Simpson wrote with the working title "If I Did It, Here's How It Happened." If that is not enough Fox television will carry a special on the book 9 p.m. November 27 and 29 on Fox. The sad part, or one of the many sad parts about this is that there is a temptation in all of us to watch this trash. The part of us that wants to see the program is the same part that slows down to look at a horrific car wreck. It is the sinful flesh that we are saddled with. Let me give you some things to consider that might help you fight the temptation to watch.

First consider the families of the two people that Simpson was found innocent of murdering. Though that was the decision of the jury you would have a hard time finding anyone that believes he was innocent. Either way the families are going to have to put up with the pain and suffering as Simpson gratuitously prostitutes the deaths of their loved ones. Second consider the redeeming value of a show like this, there is none. This is not art, nor is it God glorifying entertainment. It is a voyeuristic look into a sick mans mind.

We have reached a new low with this show. It probably will draw great ratings which is what Fox wants in this sweeps time of year for television. Fox as far as I am concerned can now consider themselves an accomplice in the pain the Brown and Goldman families will suffer from this. Fox should be ashamed of themselves, what part of this is "Fair and Balanced?" And how long before we get to watch executions and abortions and suicides on live television? Stay tuned to Fox as they will probably be the first to let us know!

blog you later,
pastor tom