Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Justin Taylor in his great blog, "Between Two Worlds" at, has reminded us today of the sinful decadence that is not only Benny Hinns heretical teaching, but also his lifestyle. The You Tube link is of an old television report done by NBC exposing Hinns ministry in a couple of ways. The healings are shown to be fraudulent, and the money is spent on incredible lavish things for Hinn. While most of the readers of the blog will not be surprised at any of that, there is something to consider from this reminder. People are easily led. There is a crying dire need to a Biblical mindset that checks all things against Scripture.

How is it that people will travel around the world in hopes of being healed through this fraud? How is it that they will give him their last dime while he lives in a $10-million, 7,000 sq. ft. home, flies on a $112,000 per month private jet, drives two $80,000 cars, stays in luxury hotel rooms that are 5,400 sq. ft. for $10,800 per night that are paid for and stayed at during a "layover," gives tips over a 3-day period for $4,500, and receives a salary of half a million to a million dollars per year--plus book royalties? The answer is a lack, a crying glaring lack of knowledge of the Word of God, which results in being duped by misuse of that same Word.

God will deal with Benny Hinn, and his will be a hot hell if he does not repent and truly receive Christ as his Savior. But there are many who follow him who do love Jesus in a true sincere way and they are continually fooled by Hinn and others like him. This is a good reminder to us all to not leave our Bibles for long, to stay in the Word and be guided by the Word. To test everything, actions, words, worldviews by the Word, so that we do not become another contributor to the lifestyle of charlatans like Benny Hinn!