Friday, November 17, 2006


I must admit that it gets tiring and at times feels like you are fighting against a continual barrage from the homosexual community but here we go again. There is a children's book that is out for four to eight year olds, it is called "And Tango Makes Three". It is about two male penguins who adopt a baby penguin, which some say happens in the Penguin world. The problem with the book is best understood by the following reference to a parent from the wires;

"Lilly Del Pinto thought the book looked charming when her 5-year-old daughter brought it home in September. Del Pinto said she was halfway through reading it to her daughter "when the zookeeper said the two penguins must be in love."

The zookeeper said the two MALE penguins are in LOVE! Does anyone see a problem with that sentence in the book for four to eight year olds? I hope so, and to their credit many parents have already lodged their complaints in a variety of places. But we need to again understand what this children's book truly exposes.

What is shown again in this work is the strategy of the homosexual activists, which is to indoctrinate children as young as they can. To, at the earliest age possible put forth the lie that homosexuality is normal, right and even noble. This is the same strategy the President of Iran has with indoctrinating children at an early age that there was no Holocaust. If successful, it will create a certain type of adult in twenty years that will create a certain type of society. If the homosexual activists are successful their will be a much different society in twenty years. We will live in a place where the Biblical definition of homosexuality, if spoken will be a crime. We will live in a place where homosexuality will be taught as normal and honorable and a better choice, in the public schools, and if not taught in private schools, again a crime.

All of that from a children's book you ask? It is time for us all to pay closer attention to what is happening in our local towns, schools and libraries. It is time for us all to have the courage to tell homosexuals the most loving thing, that Jesus Christ died for sinners like them to forgive all their sins even the sin of homosexuality. It is time for us all to have the courage to do the most loving thing for the homosexual community and tell them that their choice of sin leads to death, and they know that as they have buried many of their friends and loved ones because of homosexuality. It is time for us all!

blog you later,
pastor tom