Monday, November 06, 2006


It is a sad time for the Evangelical world today. Ted Haggard the Senior Pastor of a 14,000 member church had to resign due to what he terms as sexual immorality. It has been in the news enough for me not to have to go through all of the details. I do think it is important for us to learn from this. What is it that God would have His people learn? First and foremost, that truth is critical for the believer. For some time Mr. Haggard was living a lie, but what is even more unseemly to me is that when he was asked last week if he knew the man that was accusing him, he amazingly said no. He blatantly denied ever knowing the man, a lie that would be exposed within twenty four hours. Another very important lesson for Gods people is that we are not called to worship a man. We should not fall into the very common trap of worshipping people. Regardless of how powerful, likeable, personable the individual, they are still sinners in daily need of grace. But we must balance that with the Biblical admonition to honor those men that God has placed over His people. The balance is this, submit and obey the authority but always recognize God is the one who receives the worship and praise.

We are also reminded again of the need for our churches to be God centered. It is in the God centeredness that we fight against these temptations. When we believe that God is about God and not us, we are free to be about God and not us. We must believe right about God to live right for God. Ted Haggard is a man who taught and preached along the lines of a more man centered view of God. Now is that the reason he fell? I certainly could not make that one to one connection, but it could not have helped him in those moments. In my mind this is a clarion call from God for His church to get back to the Word of God and believe in the God of the Bible. A sovereign God who controls all events of every day and works all things out for His glory.

The best thing we can do is to pray for Ted Haggard, for the church he has just resigned from and particularly for his wife. She is the real victim in all of this as I am sure this is a drive by shooting that just happened to her. Pray for all concerned and for the Body of Christ. There is a fine line between piling on and shooting our own and holding someone to a biblical standard of repentance and restoration. Unfortunately the Church too often is busy shooting the wounded, to the neglect of being a part of the healing process. And for sure all of us need to look at this and realize but for the Grace of God we could be walking in the Haggard families shoes!

blog you later,
pastor tom